This video covers handling and operation so you can enjoy Zumio right away.


Zumio will get warm to the touch when charging.  This is normal, the housing gets to approximately 40Celcius  – safe for both the electronics and human touch.

Some customers have commented that using the warm base of their Zumio is a surprisingly soothing and fun way to start their playtime!

Your Zumio is in lockout mode.  Hold the power button down for at least 5 seconds until the unit pulses 3 times.  This takes it out of lockout mode.

Try the Zumio again, it should now be working fine.

Zumio is now available in the Canada through distributors and online via Amazon.com. Please see our buy now page for more information.

Zumio is now available in the USA through distributors and online via Amazon.com. Please see our buy now page for more information.

Designed and engineered in Canada and the USA and assembled in China.


The engineering and design team behind the Zumio are the same talented individuals behind the development of several of the world’s best-selling adult vibrators.

A. No, and we made this decision intentionally.

Vibrators generate much more energy than Zumio. Vibration energy is generated in pulses (frequency) by spinning an off-centered weight inside the body of the toy and this can be felt a long way away from where the touch is applied, especially if it is near bone. Vibrators shake everything they touch including the clitoral region, hand and arm. If the vibration energy is high enough, it can travel through the entire body. Your body is full of nerve endings. All of them pick up these energy pulses in some form and this delivers a series of overwhelming signals to your brain. It’s like using a sledge-hammer to drive a tack!

By comparison, Zumio delivers very high energy density at the small contact area of the TIP. The unique motion of the TIP combines with variable pressure control to allow users to dynamically change the speed and intensity of the TIP. This delivers just the right amount of energy to the clitoral nerve with complete control by the user. The more intelligent use of energy means the brain gets much more targeted nerve stimulation. Initially, this may make the Zumio feel more intense than a vibrator, but it is simply a more targeted and isolated nerve response. Zumio is like an “artist’s brush” and a traditional vibrator like a paint roller.

Zumio is highly responsive to the users’ specific touches and arousal feelings as they explore and build a unique orgasm.

Zumio has a unique new movement we call SpiroTIP™ Technology.

During masturbation using a finger, women will instinctively and randomly change finger pressure, slow down, speed up and move their finger to locations that increase arousal as they experience the orgasm feeling in their body and their brain. Zumio has a unique TIP, stylus and the large displacement motion on the TIP enables the same natural motion of the finger with the advantage of faster speed, and it never gets tired! Zumio has a patent pending motor clutch pressure drive that allows users to dynamically go from low intensity up to high intensity without having to touch a control. The woman controls the intensity by applying and reducing pressure on the TIP while using Zumio.

By comparison, vibrators cannot dynamically slow down by using pressure as their vibration energy remains constant even as you press harder because their spinning parts are internal to the vibrator body. Programmed modes like cha-cha, wave, pulse also presume that all women will respond to a fixed pattern of stimulation. Clearly, vibrators work but there is a world of opportunity being missed. It’s simply not possible to create the same dynamic control of the finger movement with a pre-programmed pattern.

The dynamic pressure, motion and speed experience that Zumio provides can deliver infinite patterns at the control of the user to enable more interesting, intense and personal orgasms.


Zumio can be locked to protect against accidental activation by pressing and holding the on/off button for 5 seconds. This will activate lock-out mode if product. The product vibrates 3 pulses and ramps down to off to let you know it is in ‘lock-out’ mode. Zumio will not turn on in this mode.

To unlock, simply press and hold the on/off button for 5 seconds. Zumio vibrates 3 pulses then turns off to let you know its back in normal use mode. You can then let go and press the on/off button to use the product.

Each press of the up/down button will increase/decrease the speed one step.  There are 8 steps from the lowest to highest speed level. The lowest speed setting is the default when turning on the device. We estimate that the highest level more than doubles the lowest setting in speed and intensity feeling.

Dedicated, on/off button

Unlike other products that have difficult to locate or time delayed on/off controls, Zumio has a dedicated, instant on/off button. Simply press and release to turn on, press and release to turn off.


Zumio does not provide various patterns (e.g. wave, pulse, cha-cha) as user testing showed that these fixed patterns dampen the effectiveness of the unique revolving movement effect and were proven to distract from delivering the Zumio experience. Fixed pattern modes presume that women will respond identically to fixed, programmed patterns of sensation. Zumio testing showed this was not as effective for users as a product that will provide personalized and targeted control.

Using a combination of Placement, Pressure, and Speed

Intensity can be controlled by utilizing various combinations of pressure, speed, use of tip/stylus, and physical proximity to the clitoris. The “right” intensity for you will be a blend of:

  • Personal sensitivity
  • Where on your genitalia you apply Zumio
  • How you use the Zumio tip or stylus
  • How much pressure you apply
  • Speed setting

We recommend that you ease into using Zumio. Start with the lowest speed setting, pressing slightly harder to slow down the tip and reduce intensity, and apply in surrounding areas first before focusing on the clitoris itself. Like anything new, practice makes perfect!

1 Year

Zumio has a one-year Limited Warranty that covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use.

Yes, water based only

Zumio should only be used with water-based lubricants and should not be used with silicon-based lubricants. Zumio can be used comfortably without lubrication as well. You may prefer to use a small amount of water based lubrication to help reduce the intensity in the first few seconds as the tip and skin connect. If you prefer not to use lubricants, simply apply a small amount of natural wetness from the mouth or vagina to the Zumio tip and repeat as necessary.


Your Zumio device should be cleaned after each use with water and mild antibacterial soap and non-abrasive cloth.


Zumio is waterproof and can withstand being in 0.5 meters (2 feet) of water for a brief period of time.

2.0 mm

At full intensity, the SpiroTIP amplitude is a full 2.0 mm (0.080 inches) and the TIP delivers a circular revolving movement. The TIP movement, speed and intensity was refined during extensive testing with our initial user groups.

Eight (8)

Each press of the up/down button will increase/decrease the speed one step.  There are 8 steps from the lowest to highest speed level. The lowest speed setting is the default when turning on the device. The highest level more than doubles the lowest setting in speed and intensity.

Learn how to charge and maintain your Zumio.

This short video covers how to recharge and clean your Zumio after use.


Learn how to operate your Zumio.

This short video covers handling, operation, and features of Zumio so you can enjoy it right away.


A. Common plugs used for smartphone charging etc. will work to charge Zumio internationally.

Standard USB Zumio charging cable:


Example below of different international USB wall chargers:


Zumio can be inserted back in the charging unit between uses to ensure it is always fully charged with no negative effect to the product or battery life. It can also simply be stored outside the charger as a full charge typically allows for multiple sessions before charging is required again.

Up to 4 hours

The speed setting has a minimal effect on the battery life. How hard you press the tip during use will affect the motor power required and will vary usage time between recharging from 75 minutes to 4 hours of fun.


Zumio is rechargeable by simply inserting it into the stand-up charging base provided. The charging base is powered via a standard USB to micro-USB cable that is provided. (See product brochure for technical details). A standard micro-USB wall adaptor available in most households or a computer with a USB port can be used to charge the unit. Aesthetically, the Zumio unit is designed to fit the charging station in one direction however the device will charge equally well placed in either direction. When the product is inserted into the charger, the charging base has a blinking LED that will change to a solid color when Zumio has been left inserted for the full 16 hours. Zumio can be removed and used at any time during the charging cycle. No need to wait!


Zumio was designed for external use only and is not intended for vaginal, urethra or rectal insertion.


As with any product, users should refrain from using Zumio if it causes pain, numbness or adversely affects other medical issues.

Zumio is RoHS compliant, carbon neutral, uses recyclable materials, and is FCC/EU certified. Instructions for appropriate disposal of possible hazardous substances from the nickel-metal hydride battery that could impact health and the environment are provided in the User Guide.


Zumio is made from a combination of high quality ABS plastics, medical-grade silicone and engineering grade thermoplastic.